Karin Herzog Oxygen Body 1% (150ml)


A superb all-over body exfoliator and moisturiser in one! A combination of the mild yet effective fruit acids, with the Karin Herzog patented oxygen formula


Very light formula with delicate, irresistible smell.

Mildly antiseptic, it helps protect against bacteria 

Fruit acids remove veil of dead skin from the body

Oxygen hydrates and stimulates

Excellent for dry to normal skins. The result is silky, more elastic and healthier skin!

It is also an excellent after‑sun cream.


Once a day, apply a thin film to the body without massaging into the skin. Leave to act and penetrate into the skin.


  • A world leader in oxygen skincare

  • Swiss origin, swiss made, highest quality assured

  • A brand name used and trusted by Princess Kate Middleton and many other celebrities

Karin Herzog products are suitable for pre and post pregnancy skin because they are:

  • Gentle on the skin, yet hydrating and healing

  • Tested and proven by mommies


"Hi, just wanna share my experience. I had postnatal massages with Grace 7 months ago. Grace is friendly and her massages are effective! Definitely cheaper than slimming centres and she comes right to the door! I enjoyed those sessions with her. Can chat and share knowledge." - Belinda (Singapore)


"I just wanted to comment that Grace is superb!! I am currently receiving my pre- natal massage from Grace and have also straightaway signed up my post natal package with her after the first session. During each session, she not only helped to relieve my discomfort, she also imparted knowledge and skills to me (and my husband), sharing the whats and hows for pre- and post- natal care. The important point here is that they are not some old wives’ tales, but medically-sound advice! *very impressed* Definitely looking forward to the baby massage and the result from post-natal massage in August after I gave birth.' - Karen Goh (Singapore)


"I delivered via C section in February and I am currently receiving post natal massages from her. I must say she is really good! I started my massage only 4 months after my delivery and after 1 session, my flabby belly went in 1 inch! Amazing! I was quite reluctant to try at first because I previously didn’t believe in slimming or massages. Moreover I had a 14 cm wound and I was afraid the wound would tear anytime due to strong force exerting on my skin. Plus I heard scary stories like how traditional massages could affect C-section wounds. My tummy was in really bad condition after delivery. Really ugly and I need to do something. I didn’t want to go to slimming centres as their charges can be quite hefty. Decided to go for post natal massages to see if its really effective. So coincidently I found her thread. She explained to me the difference between both kinds of massage during the first session. Massages for C-section wounds and natural birth are entirely different. There is a way to protect the wound while doing the massage if not the wound will tear. I was also suffering from swollen lymph nodes (under armpits) after birth and Grace improved my situation. They are still there but subsided alot by the third session. Overall Grace is a very friendly person. She uses some very special cream instead of smelly oils, and the cream has a moisturising effect. No need for tight cloth wraps – I could drive, eat, jump, run after massages. Her massages are really effective! Definitely cheaper than slimming sessions outside! Plus she comes to your place, and the best part is the massage didn’t have to be done daily. Even in my condition, I could still see results when my massages were once a week or fortnightly. Must try her!

I also tried the baby massage. Grace taught me some ways to play with baby to train their neck muscles, while I could lose weight at the same time! A bit tiring but definitely can tone up muscles if you are determined to!" - Samantha (Singapore)